April, 2007

Steel Technologies - Ottawa, Ohio


Real estate in any steel mill is high value and the need for compact machines is becoming more and more common.  Steel Technologies’ oiler uses an overall envelope of less than 17 inches and the spray zone holds an envelope of about 14 inches.  This is the narrowest envelope of any comparable oiler on the market.


A new feature added to TDC’s machines is the use of powered Inductor Bars.  By powering TDC’s patented Inductor Bars, we are able to reduce the amount of necessary high voltage to less than 35kv.  This is something that no competitor has been able to achieve.


Also new for this oiler is the use of Carbon Fiber Inductor Bars in place of those typically made of stainless steel.  The weight of stainless steel causes sag in the Inductor Bar over long spans and thus changing the spray pattern across the width of the coil.  The aerospace carbon fiber is much lighter, yet still very durable.  With these characteristics the Inductor Bar holds its geometric location to the nozzle much more precisely.  In turn, the spray pattern is much more uniform, improving oiling quality.



Steel Technologies' 51" wide Electrostatic Oiler currently shown in the Maintenance position.