August, 2008

Ternium Steel - Monterrey, Mexico


Terronics Development Corporation (TDC) welcomes its newest Electrostatic Powder Applicator to our long production of precision coating machines. The new applicator will be used to apply cornstarch for Ternium on their Electrolytic Cleaning Line in Mexico at speeds up to 2000fpm and widths up to 51". The cornstarch acts to prevent surface defects and "stickers" during the batch annealing process.


In the beginning, Ternium leased a "temporary" TDC Powder Applicator to proof the process on their Line. This rental machine, which was intended to operate for 2 weeks, had muscled its way through just over 2 years of production service. The end result was that less than 1% of powder coated steel was being rejected for defects as compared to 6% without its use. Proof enough to purchase a production machine:


The production machine will continue to use TDC's patented Electrostatic Coating Process, but has also included some new features such as:


Servo driven TDC Brush Feeders for more precise control

Servo driven Stirring System for increased durability

Servo driven Cross Feed System to ease loading requirement

Automatic Width Control to minimize unnecessary overspray

Stainless steel Powder Hoppers for a cleaner look

Thomson Linear Slides for smoother and more accurate physical operation

Automatic online/offline for maintenance

HMI - Graphical intuitive operation


The design of this TDC Powder Applicator is nothing less than state of the art.


With design and construction complete, TDC will be installing this Electrostatic Powder Applicator in early 2009.



Ternium Steel's 51" Electrostatic Powder Applicator