December, 2007

Steel Technologies - Ghent, Kentucky


Terronics has many great customers. Steel Technologies in Ghent KY had heard of our state of the art custom built oilers and decided to see one in action. So a trip was planned to a sister plant to see one of the leading edge technology oilers created by Terronics Development Corporation. The visit was accomplished and the purchasing interest was nearly immediate.


When efficient oiling is observed for the first time, you think nothing is happening. Then the lights of the oiler are turned on. The lights show that the steel is changing color but you can see no oil coming from the nozzles. You look very close and catch a reflection of light on something so fine, so small. The oil is coming out in hundreds of thin streams for a very short distance and then change to the invisible, very charged droplets that are racing to the steel. Witnessing this process has a strong effect on most people. They smile and say "I've got to have one!"


Meetings were planned and people talked and the best oiler that is available today was custom designed and built to Steel Technologies specifications. Each oiler is a one of a kind creation from the minds of a small group of very dedicated, very talented people in a rural setting near a small town, Elwood, Indiana.



Steel Technologies' 84" Wide Electrostatic Oiler.