March, 2008

Worthington Steel - Porter, Indiana


A short distance from the Indiana Dunes State Park, in Porter, Indiana, there is a steel pickling plant that is dedicated to constantly doing things better. A premier farm implement builder thinks so too. I was in my car and getting close to Worthington Steel and saw a beautiful sight for this farm boy from Indiana. On display one cool Spring morning at Worthington was a bright shining Combine created by John Deere. The rich colors of yellow and green brought back some wonderful memories. Worthington Steel helps John Deere build a better product.


The memories faded and my mind refocussed as I pulled into the parking lot to face the task at hand. I was here to help them install a brand new Terronics Development Oiler for their Pickle Line.


Worthington had researched other Electrostatic Oiler Manufacturers. Vendors visited, and Worthington personnel were able to show the exact place that the new oiler should be positioned. George Cherry, the Maintenance Manager said, "We don't want it there, we need it right here between these two rollers." The vendor would reply, "The machine will not fit there." George thanked them for the visit and continued the search.


George then heard of Terronics Development Corporation with its state of the art Electrostatic Oiler. George called Terronics and talked with Ed Escallon. Ed said to George, "Let me take a look at your space requirement." George said, "Can you put it right there in between these two rollers?" Ed replied that each of the State of the Art oilers that Terronics builds is custom designed to fit in places others will not and do things others can't do.


George chose to get a machine that will keep his product rust free and use lots less oil. Worthington wants the best. There was one last question. "What color do you want it?"



Worthington Steel's 78" Electrostatic Oiler