November, 2005

Ceramic Nozzle Improvements


From the Delrin “dart” nozzle to the Zirconia “dart” nozzle, Terronics has once again improved its technology and design on its patented electrostatic nozzle.


This new ceramic dart nozzle, made out of Zirconia, is a single component with limited parts in comparison to the earlier model. It has proven to be the most effective nozzle manufactured yet by Terronics.  It can endure hazardous cleaning methods without damage, has improved precision control, and can reach flow rates so minute that it appears as if nothing is spraying.


The microscope confirms however, that the substrate indeed presents a uniform deposition after it has been sprayed. These new and improved nozzles do not have to be annealed every time a leak arises. They also require no sealant since they are composed of a single piece of ceramic rather than two halves joined together. The industrial possibilities for this new model are endless and could take Terronics into a new era of electrostatic spraying.