October, 2005

Terronics Heads for South America


Late in August, Terronics will ship its first unit to South America. Located in Barquisimetoe, Venezuela, Covencaucho Industrias S.A. is a multinational tire and inner tube manufacturing company. Covencaucho Industrias will be adding an improved Terronics Electrostatic Powder Coater into their current line to apply talc to the company’s inner tubes. Three members of the Terronics team, will be traveling to Venezuela to install the unit in Covencaucho Industries.


Covencaucho Industrias’ Electrostatic Powder Coater is an improved version of two Electrostatic Powder Coaters currently in operation at the Bridgestone/Firestone inner tube plant in Russelville, Arkansas since 1993. The new design has increased the machine’s accessibility while offering a more user-friendly interface than its predecessors. Additional pneumatic controls have been added, and a complete panel view touch screen operating system has replaced “antiquated” mechanical switches.


With its new Electrostatic Powder Coater, Covencaucho aims to improve its talc application process. Improved powder deposition, reduced overall powder usage, and a significantly cleaner and healthier work environment are only the beginning of the advantages that Terronics’ Electrostatic Powder Coaters have to offer.