August, 2019

Twenty Years at 24/7/345 Oiling Operations


July, 2019

Reflections of a Company Founder after 35 Years


April, 2016

Terronics Employee Crowned Indiana State 8 Ball Champion

TDC is a leading developer of innovative electrostatic coating technologies and products across a broad range of industrial processes.  Based on a portfolio of patents, research and development know-how, and a commitment to producing reliable industrial process equipment, Terronics' capabilities for advancing electrostatic coating means are truly unique.

TDC was founded in 1985 to explore electrostatic forces and harness their potential for application in industry. From this charter, TDC has pioneered and commercialized several distinct technologies such as electrostatic oilers, electrostatic sprayers, and electrostatic powder coaters with applications in industries as diverse as steel, paper, cosmetics, rubber, electronics, agriculture, medical, and food.


All of Terronics' processes involve efficient, controllable, and uniform deposition of liquids and powders/particulates onto target substrates.  TDC's electrostatic liquid applicators and powder applicators are advantageous in high-speed processing of substrates of uniform shape, especially those in which raw material costs can be high, and "right the first time" processing is critical.  These systems deliver benefits in applied material savings, improved product quality, increased processing speed and efficiency, and a cleaner, safer work environement.


Much of our work is customer specific.  However, TDC also devotes considerable resources to the utilization of electrostatic forces in new concepts, a practice that has led to some notable breakthroughs.