Terronics Development Corporation builds state of the art electrostatic applicators. With our electrostatic applicators being custom designed, we can accommodate customer requirements. Whether your building a new line or have an existing line with little room, Terronics has the equipment you need.


Systems built by Terronics deliver benefits in:


      -  Improved coating and product quality

      -  Applied material savings

      -  Increased processing speed and efficiency

      -  Cleaner and safer work environment


The Terronics Electrostatic Oilers are used for rust protection of cold rolled steel and for lubrication for stamping and roll forming. To apply thin film coatings of polymers, paints, food additives, etc. or for producing aerosols, fibers, 2 component sprays, etc. go to Electrostatic Sprayers.


The Terronics Electrostatic Powder Applicators are used to apply talc on rubber stock to eliminate sticking. In the steel industry release agents are applied onto strip steel to prevent mechanical gallings and surface scratches that occur during the batch annealing of the coils. In the food industry the Electrostatic Powder Applicators apply flavorings and seasonings to food products.


The Terronics Precision Brush Feeder was developed to meet highly controllable and precise metering of powder particulates.