Electrostatic Spray Coating Equipment


Terronics Electrostatic Sprayers are equipped with ElectroHydroDynamic (EHD) atomisation nozzles. The EHD atomisation nozzles rely solely on electrostatic forces for droplet formation. No mechanical moving nozzle parts that wear out, nor high pressures producing turbulences and drifting airborne droplets.


Through over 20 years of nozzle refinement, Terronics has various EHD nozzle designs available for specific coating needs. The patented EHD nozzles dispense jets in the stable Taylor cone mode and these jets break up in droplets of uniform size. This diffuse spray cloud is attracted to and deposited onto your product, in a special designed and engineered Terronics coating chamber, at transfer efficiencies close to 100%.


Single Dart Nozzles have been developed to completely eliminate the erratic and unreliable behaviour of the well known laboratory “needle” nozzles. A single spray plume is produced for applying highly accurate and precise coatings on small objects like medical implants. Nozzle flow rate can be as low as 0.005 ml/hr and as high as 60 ml/hr.


Terronics Single Dart nozzle Coating a Coronory Stent


To apply a liquid coating onto the exterior surface of a tube sized product, EHD circular nozzles apply the coating uniformly, and at a high speed, onto these surfaces. The circular nozzle supports multiple Taylor Cones so that the whole surface can be targeted in a single pass.


Terronics has Linear EHD nozzles to meet the higher liquid flow rate demands. The standard width of the nozzle is 3” or 6”. The linear nozzle has an internal electrode to electrify the spray formulation. Spray formulation fed to the nozzle is laterally distributed across the width of the nozzle. The liquid leaves the nozzle from a serrated edge. From each serration a jet atomizes the spray formulation in droplets. Spray headers as wide as 6’ wide are in operation to apply a coating to a continuous web from both sides (top and bottom).



The EHD atomization process is independent of the viscosity of the spray formulation, Terronics nozzles can process high viscosity formulations and still produce a fine droplet sprays. Nozzle design and materials are selected based on the specific needs of your coating process.


The Terronics Electrostatic Spray Coat system can process decorative, functional or protective coating materials like:

  • Pigmented Solutions

  • Pesticides

  • Polymers

  • Lubricants

  • Corrosion Protective Oils

  • Adhesives

  • Hot Melts

  • Drugs/Medicines

  • Pre-cursor Solutions

  • Sol-gels

  • Organic Coatings

  • Epoxy Coatings


    Your product, made out of steel, glass, paper, polymer or agricultural and food products can be coated uniformly and efficiently at high processing speeds.


    When you turn on the voltage you can clearly see:

          -  Near 100% initial droplet deposition of liquid particles onto your product

          -  No emission, overspray or mist of small droplet particles whatsoever into your production hall

          -  Uniform distribution of particles over the surface of your product


    In addition, Terronics provides process equipment for:

  • Aerosol Sprays

  • Spray Drying

  • Nanotechnology

  • Encapsulation

  • Electrospinning


    Contact TDC for updates about our capabilities and applications. Laboratory Electrostatic Spray Coat Equipment is available to test on your products.