Electrostatic Powder Applicators


Terronics Electrostatic Powder Applicators are custom built to apply fine powders to non-complex continuous substrates in industries such as steel, paper, cosmetics, rubber, electronics, agriculture, medical, and food.


Most existing methods employ the powder gun as a means of charging and spraying the powder. While the gun may work well on small individual parts, it is inefective when coating high speed, 2-dimensional continuous substrates.


TDC's powder applicators have either a brush or diffuser which aerates the powder past multiple charging electrodes that span the width of the target. Once the powder is charged, it becomes attracted to the target substrate where it is evenly distributed across the width. This system is far more efficient than multiple powder guns.



Operating and Design Information


Typical Line Speeds - Up to 500 fpm in existing installations, higher speeds are possible.


Target Width - From 3" to 60" in existing installations.


Installation - Units are freestanding, ready for operation after connecting utilities. Compact design fits into most lines without modification to existing equipment.


Positioning System - Coating Chamber can move on and off line via a variety of retraction mechanisms.


Start Up - Assisted by TDC engineers and designers who remain on-site through successful start-up and operation.


Maintenance - Maintenance requirements are generally minimal, stemming from the system's elegant, low-energy design and extensive industry testing and operation.


Power - 480/120 VAC, (current depends on the size of the applicator needed).


System Subassemblies


Powder Diffuser Assembly - Consists of air injector and diffuser to fan powder in a cotrollable spray pattern. Usually one Diffuser Assembly will meet the necessary target width. However, multiple Diffusers can be used for larger widths or top-down/bottom-up applications. Diffusers can be deactivated to allow effective application of multiple strip widths. For more precise powder application see A Major Breakthrough in Seasonings Applications


Bulk Powder Reservoir System - Sized according to the desired deposition thickness, strip width, and line speed. Typically the hopper is sized small so powders do not pack under their own weight. The powder level is precisely monitored and is automaticaly filled at low levels from the customers bulk supply.


High Voltage Power Supply - Low-amperage source, typically operated at 15-25KV, is used to power the powder electrode.


Control System - Allen-Bradley PLC (or other as specified) controls all functions. Control and instrumentation can be located on coater assembly or remotely.


To watch a short video of an electrostatic powder applicator click here and here.


Salt applied to kraft paper shows deposition and cross web uniformity.