February, 2009

"Green Before Green Was Cool"


Even in these tough times, when the world-wide economy seems like it is spinning out of control, Terronics continues to build state of the art, custom machines like the one shown below. We don't claim that we are immune to what is happening around the world, because we surely are not. However, we will not jeopardize our abilities to serve you or the quality of our products to alleviate the pain until things turn around.


Terronics will take advantage of the slow time and focus on Research and Development to improve, staying on the cutting edge of technology. Focus must be given to R&D now so we can put out the better products when they are needed. And, they will be needed. We only hope that other businesses, small and large, will do the same.


I recently heard Ed Escallon, president and CEO of Terronics Development Corporation say that Terronics was "green before green was cool." I thought about this for a time and realized how true that was. We make machines that improve our customer's product while saving 50 to 99% of what's being used to coat it.


Some may argue this, but I estimate that "green" being cool started in the mid 1990's. Terronics started in late 1984 spraying herbicides and pesticides with electrostatics on nearby farm fields. A full decade before the "green" era began. So, Terronics was "green" before "green" was cool.



Jennifer Swenson
Mechanical Designer
Terronics Development Corporation



45" Electrostatic Oiler being built for Severstal of Sparrows Point, Maryland